Red Bull Bedroom Jam

Next Thursday Leave Scars, Komah and Hexa Mera will kick off the 18th edition of Graspop Metal Meeting! During the national Red Bull Bedroom Jam final these three bands proved that they deserve a spot on the hardest festival in Belgium. Let’s take a closer look at these bands! 

Leave Scars

Turnhout’s local metal pride Leave Scars starts its musical project with 3 members in 2005. Two years later they record their first demo: ‘Unit 731’. Currently the band consists of singer Kristof ‘Dizzy’ Van Eyck, gituar players Djoni Tregub and Paul Aerts, bass player Mathias Annys and drummer Kris ‘uncle’ Boenders. Uncle? Yes: singer Kristof is his nephew. “After a while all the band members started calling me uncle, which was fine to me”, says Kris. Apparently musicality is inherent to Kris and Kristof’s genes. “That’s right”, says again drummer Kris. “Father, mother, uncles, aunts, nieces: they all sing or play an instrument. But by far the most impressive family member is my grandma: 82 years old and still playing bass”. Why is she not in the band then? “Metal music makes her aggressive: she starts stage diving, which is quite intimidating for the fans. So we wisely keep her out of the band”. Humor is a funny thing.

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Hexa Mera

Hexa Mera is Yannick Schmit (singer), Pierre Baudez (drums), Dennis De Braekeler (bass guitar), Dennis Hemmerechts (guitar) and Jan Huygens (guitar). Hexa Mera’s sound can best be described as melodic death metal. In the summer of 2011 they recorded their first demo: ‘Descent Into Decay’. Since then they’ve been performing live with several other Belgian and international bands. End 2012 Hexa Mera won the Huginn’s Awakening Fest Battle. Red Bull Bedroom Jam was the next battle they won, leading them to the Graspop Metal Meeting stage on June 27th.

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Belgians from Komah are distinguished by their modern metal, aggressive and powerful without denying their grooviest origins. Their debut album Straight Line, released in 2009, will provide access to the largest Belgian festival of 2012. The group plays dates upon dates and begins a European tour in the company of a colossus that no longer needs to submit: Pro-Pain. Fall 2012, Komah moves up a gear higher by releasing Between Vice and Virtue recorded and mixed by Charles Deschutter @ Rec n’ Roll Studio. The groove is always at the rendez-vous, but the rage of compositions immediately conquered the most audiophile discerning audience. Add to that the support of Gary Meskil and Adam Phillips – respectively singer and guitarist of Pro-Pain – which appear on the album, and you get a more explosive cocktail of metal! Clearly, both on your stereo, your i-Pod or in a concert hall, Komah’s power and surgical precision make you addicted!

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The RedBull Bedroom Jam will take place on Thursday june 27th at the Metaldome at Graspop Metal Meeting.
Leave Scars   18:00 to 18:40
Hexa Mera     19:00 to 19:40
Komah           20:00 to 20:40