The Usual GMM Suspects

In just a couple of days we will kick off the 18th edition of Graspop Metal Meeting. Even though we’ll welcome more than 135.000 metalheads, there are a few we call the usual suspects. Are you one of them?

Well, if you thought pirates are only happy when they are on a ship, surrounded by water and rum, think again. This awesome Jack Sparrow lookalike apparently loves it here at Graspop Metal Meeting and honestly, we love him too! Hope to see him back this year.

From the looks of it, Roger isn’t just a regular at Graspop Metal Meeting, but at every thinkable festival. Maybe you can even say that a festival isn’t a festival without him there.

Is it a fan? Is it a metalhead? Is it a chick magnet? Yes, it’s DJ Carl! He’s the resident DJ of the Metaldome since 1998 where it’s partytime, every night , over and over again. So don't hesitate to party with him in the Metaldome this year.

It’s unbelievable what kind of impact bands have on people, especially on girls. We can’t even begin to tell you how many times our camera’s catch a girl showing her breasts to get the attention of her favorite artist. But hey, we’re not complaining!

Men wearing kilts on Graspop Metal Meeting is something we see every year and we’re still not getting tired of it. The question: “Is he wearing briefs or isn’t he?” even led to a photo special back in 2010. Who’s packing their kilt for this year’s edition?

Another group of usual suspects at Graspop Metal Meeting are the dozens of dedicated fans that dress up like their idols. With bands like Slipknot, King Diamond and Twisted Sister on the bill we’re sure that this year will not be an exception.