#RBBJBE propells young bands onto the big festival stage!

Generally, for new and upcoming bands it's a long and winding road from their rehearsal pad or bedroom to playing in front of thousands at the big festival stages. The good news: there is a shortcut and it's called Red Bull Bedroom Jam. Bands enlisting at www.redbullbedroomjam.be (applications open till Feb 9th) could be well on their way to joining top class acts Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Phoenix or Boys Noize on the world famous festival stage of Graspop Metal Meeting.

After enlisting and uploading their music video (smartphone vids will do),  competing bands will have to refer to the resonating power of social media to surge their band to the top of the Buzz Chart. This clever chart is designed to measure the amount of buzz bands are creating across the web, monitoring Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and many other sources of online activity. The more people engaging with and talking about the band across the internet, the higher it will rise in the chart. For 9 week in a row, the band topping the Buzz Chart will play a show recorded in their Bedroom that will be broadcast to the world at www.redbullbedroomjam.be. The 9 winners will continue – together with 1 Wildcard – to the festival chart, and eventually 5 bands will be picked by the jury to play live at Graspop Metal Meeting or Dour Festival.

Share like you just don't care

So it all begins with a simple YouTube clip. As from now till Feb 9th bands can enlist at www.redbullbedroomjam.be and upload their music video. This could be anything from a camera phone recording to a professionally shot video. As long as people can watch it and talk about on social media, it will create buzz on social media and that's what bands need to climb the Buzz Chart. The Buzz Chart measures activity relating to every enlisted band across a range of websites with the sole purpose of charting the online buzz around the bands. Every week, for 9 weeks, the band at the top of the Buzz Chart will ba visited by our professional film crew and will get the opportunity to perform three songs from its bedroom or rehearsal. This show will then be broadcast over the internet the following week. Also, as a result of the collaboration with music streaming service Deezer, every week winner will be able to feature 6 songs on Deezer.com.

Almost there ...

The 9 bands that made it to the live show, automatically enter the Festival Chart. They will be joined by 1 more band that is handed a Wildcard by The Boardroom, our panel of judges. The Boardroom consists of Guus Fluit (producer and head of Floyd Studios), Fred di Bono (singer/video producer), Marc De Keyzer (head honcho of Atomika Studios and band coach) and Bart Cop (music critic/editor), who also acts as The Chairman of The Boardroom. Out of the 10 bands that make up the Festival Chart, 5 bands will be picked to perform either at the Graspop Metal Meeting (3 bands) or at the Dour Festival (2 bands) this summer. In only a few months time, they will have taken the ultimate shortcut from bedroom rehearsals to the big festival stage and will be up there with world famous music legends! Make sure to check out the festival reports from last year's winners on www.redbullbedroomjam.be to get a glimpse of this tremendous experience.

And there's more. On top of this unbelievable claim to festival fame one ultimate winner will hit the jackpot and will get the chance to record a full album at Red Bull Bedroom Jam studio.

So that's it: from uploading a music clip to taking the stage at one of these huge festivals and perhaps even recording a full album doesn't have to take longer than a few months, really. Did we mention the word shortcut yet?

More info on  www.redbullbedroomjam.be.

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