Heavy Metal Football

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know the 2014 FIFA World Cup is upon us. Football and metal, it might seem an odd combination, but it isn't. Numerous metal artists are actually big fans of the sport.

Even though all original members of Black Sabbath are fans of British football club Aston Villa, Geezer Butler is the most passionate. He occasionally attends games and a while back it was even rumoured that he wanted to invest in his favourite football club. Maybe Napalm Death vocalist Mark “Barney” Greenway can join him for a game, as he also is a die hard Villan.

The guys from Orange Goblin are also really into football. Bassist Martyn Millard and vocalist Ben Ward even met through playing football. For Ad Vandenberg of Vandenberg's Moonkings football meant the end of his semi-retirement. After a hiatus of almost 15 years the ex-Whitesnake guitarist wrote the stadium anthem for Dutch football club FC Twente back in 2011.

Furthermore, metal football tournaments seem to be a big thing and the lads from Iron Maiden popular opponents. In 2005 the British metal legends lost 8-1 in a friendly football match against, among others, Satyricon's Satyr. Fortunately for them they did manage to defeat Brazilian thrashers Sepultura with 8-0 in 2008.

During Metallsvenskan 2009 members of Sabaton & Tiamat engaged in a match. That same year Alestorm and Varg did a legendary Pirates vs Vikings match. Tough luck for the Vikings, considering Alestorm won the game.

Big football fan? Good news! On Thursday you can watch the world cup match between our Red Devils and the Republic of South Korea as from 22:00 in the Marquee! On Saturday or Sunday, depending on whether Holland finish 1st or 2nd in their group, we’ll be showing their tie in the last 16 of the World cup live in the Graspop festival arena.