The final countdown to GMM2014: part 9

Three days from now we’re kicking off the 19th edition of Graspop Metal Meeting. Reason enough to check out the bands playing at GMM2014!

Alice In Chains

Alice in Chains rose to prominence in the early nineties during the age of grunge. Their debut ‘Facelift’ (1990), their seminal album ‘Dirt’ (1992) and ‘Alice in Chains (1995) all went multi-platinum and for five years, the band scored one top 10 hit after another. Their eclectic mix of various musical styles including a generous helping of hard rock and metal and the vocal harmonies of figurehead Layne Staley and guitarist/songwriter Jerry Cantrell lifted Alice in Chains’ music far above that of the average grunge act. Although the band never officially split up there was no activity on the AIC front for nearly a decade. Then in 2005 the band revived and the following year they embarked on a world tour with vocalist William DuVall filling in expertly for Staley, who passed away in 2002. GMM regulars will certainly remember their memorable set at GMM2006. AIC’s long-awaited fourth studio album was finally released in 2009. ‘Black Gives Way to Blue’ bore testament to the band’s enduring appeal and power. Follow-up ‘The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here’ (2013) also met with rave reviews and the combination of new material and classic hits is sure to set the Dessel plains ablaze. (Text: Steven Verhoeven)

Sunday June 29 - Mainstage 1 - 17:55 to 18:45

We Came As Romans

This American metalcore sextet from Troy, Michigan, has been around for a number of years now but they haven’t made it to Dessel before. The clean vocals of singer/guitarist David Stephens and co-singer Kyle Pavone’s explosive screams are a very powerful combination, especially live on stage. Their latest release ‘Tracing Back Roots’ topped the US indie charts so it’s high time to introduce them to our Graspop crowd. If you enjoy a good workout we promise you won’t be disappointed. (Text: Steven Verhoeven)

Sunday June 29 - Jupiler Stage - 18:05 to 18:50


Few bands get to play Graspop Metal Meeting seven times but Hatebreed deserves to be part of that exclusive club. They first came to Dessel ten years ago and they haven’t disappointed us yet. Hatebreed are known for their unique mix of hardcore, crossover and thrash and they’re a live band par excellence. Their sixth album ‘The Divinity of Purpose’ received rave reviews for doing what Hatebreed do best: delivering uncompromising moshcore at breakneck speed and with an uplifting message. If you can’t get rid of that aggression in a Hatebreed pit then you never will. (Text: Robby Embrechts)

Sunday June 29 - Mainstage 2 - 18:55 to 19:45

Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach has sold in excess of 20 million records worldwide as lead singer with his former band, Skid Row and as a solo artist.  Far from just being a multi-platinum recording artist, the singer/songwriter/actor/entertainer has expanded his career over the past decade to include episodic television with a 5-season recurring role on the CW’s hit series “Gilmore Girls”, starring roles on Broadway (“Jekyll & Hyde”, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”) and national touring companies (“Jesus Christ Superstar”), and has appeared regularly on MTV and VH1.

Sunday June 29 - Metal Dome - 18:55 to 19:50

Paradise Lost

Just like last year we have the pleasure of welcoming a prominent British doom metal band. With their sophomore album ‘Gothic’, Halifax sons Paradise Lost single-handedly redefined the doom metal genre. ‘Draconian Times’ is considered a masterpiece and one ‘One Second’, Holmes & co proved they weren’t afraid of pushing the boundaries. A compilation album called ‘Tragic Illusion 25 (The Rarities)’ was released to commemorate the band’s 25th anniversary. The track list included two remixes, two covers (including a surprisingly brilliant version of Everything but the Girl’s ‘Missing’) and more previously unreleased material. They start recording their next album in June 2014 so hopefully they’ll give some of the new songs a trial run on the GMM stage. (Text: Steven Verhoeven)

Sunday June 29 - Marquee - 19:20 to 20:20


With Soundgarden we are pleased to add one of the big four in grunge to this summer’s lineup. Soundgarden called it quits in 1997. The band members went their separate ways and joined other bands. Drummer Matt Cameron landed a new gig with Pearl Jam whereas singer Chris Cornell founded Audioslave before focusing on a solo career which took to him to Graspop’s main stage in 2007. Three years later every fan’s wet dream came true when Soundgarden eventually reformed and starting touring again. The new album, ‘King Animal’, followed two years later. Meanwhile drummer Matt Cameron has announced he won’t be joining the rest of the band for the 2014 tour but that he’s not leaving Soundgarden altogether. Once they find that tour drummer they’ll be more than ready to blow our socks off. (Text: Wim Vander Haegen)

Sunday June 29 - Mainstage 1 - 19:55 to 21:10


Architects came on the scene during the heyday of metalcore. In their early days, this Brighton band was sometimes dismissed as Bring Me the Horizon’s little brother, but a few years into their career it was plain to see they were destined for greater things. Their big break came in 2009 with the release of the ‘Hollow Crown’ album. They toured all corners of the globe in support of the album and since then they’ve featured at a slew of major festivals. This year they’ll be presenting their new album ‘Lost Forever, Lost Together’ at Graspop Metal Meeting. We have a nagging suspicion these architects will tear the marquee down instead of erecting it…(Text: Nick Tronckoe)

Sunday June 29 - Jupiler Stage - 19:55 to 20:45

Metal Church

Originally formed in 1980, Metal Church went on hiatus twice before eventually reforming in 2012, much to the satisfaction of old school fans. Despite being a formative influence on the emerging thrash scene in the early eighties, Metal Church never truly enjoyed the status they deserved, a fact illustrated by their memorable performance at GMM2005. Expect a number of tracks off the new ‘Generation Nothing’ album next to classics such as ‘Ton of Bricks’, ‘Watch the Children Pray’ and of course their self-titled hymn. Just this once we’ll be taking communion with a smile. (Text: Stef Maes)

Sunday June 29 - Metal Dome - 20:50 to 21:50


Meshuggah is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. Their selftitled (though often referred to as "Psykisk testbild") EP came out on the small local UmeĆ„ label Garageland Records in 1989. When the Swedes started their career in the late ‘80s they were way ahead of their time: technical death metal characterised, amongst others, by chopping riffs and a whiff of jazz. Meanwhile they’ve have become a household name, not in the least by pioneering the djent scene. As for Meshuggah themselves, they cannot be described in terms of labels as no two records sound the same. Their amazing seventh CD, ‘Koloss’, came out in 2012 and was successful both in Europe and the US (17th position on the Billboard 200 album chart). The band will offer Graspop visitors an exclusive anniversary set, as one of very few selected appearances this summer.

Sunday June 29 - Marquee - 21:00 to 22:10

Rob Zombie

The multi-talented Rob Zombie started out as the frontman for White Zombie. When White Zombie disbanded, he built an impressive solo career and also made a name for himself as the director of several acclaimed horror flicks. White Zombie was mainly successful in the early ‘90s. Records like 1993’s ‘La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1’ and the platinum-certified ‘Astro-Creep: 2000’ are still as exciting today as at the time of their release. Unfortunately, the latter album also heralded the demise of the band. Rob immediately focused on a solo career and in 1998 ‘Hellbilly Deluxe’ became a smash hit. The ferocious-looking frontman continued to put out high-quality, horror-inspired records that carried his unique heavy/groovy signature, with 2013’s ‘Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor’ as the latest highlight. (Text: Wim Vander Haegen)

Sunday June 29 - Mainstage 2 - 21:20 to 22:20

Black Sabbath

Want to meet Ozzy Osbourne at Graspop Metal Meeting? Then check out this link for more information!

With Black Sabbath, Graspop Metal Meeting is proud to add one of the biggest names in heavy metal history to next year’s lineup. What’s more, these guys are widely hailed as the pioneers of a musical genre that has stood the test of time and is still immensely popular after more than 40 years. Two years ago, unforeseen circumstances forced them to cancel but this year they’re back to reclaim their rightful GMM throne. Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and figurehead Ozzy Osbourne have finally buried the hatchet and the renewed collaboration with the craziest frontman in metal resulted in ‘13’, one of the best and most surprising comeback albums of the year. The album marks the triumphant return to form of the band responsible for countless classics such as ‘N.I.B.’, War Pigs’, ‘Iron Man’ and of course the inevitable ‘Paranoid’. (Text: Wim Vander Haegen)

Sunday June 29 - Mainstage 1 - 22:30 to 00:00

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