Epic festival fails

For many people going to a festival means going all out and shameful, hilarious things are bound to happen. Been there, done that, time to sum up a few festival bloopers.

Well, things sticking to your shoes isn't out of the ordinary on a festival, but it's a whole different story when it's poo and it's on your bare feet. Yeah, we went there, or one of our crew members did. Blame it on the tiredness!

Don't get us wrong, we can imagine finding your tent at the campsite isn't always that simple. But this story was just too funny. One of our Twitter followers told us she lost her tent and even got the security guards to help her look for it. Turned out she was looking for it at the wrong campsite. Epic fail!

Apparently losing things is kinda inevitable at a festival. Another one of our followers tweeted us that he lost his camping chair on Thursday and found it back on Monday... Only twenty meters from his tent.

We already knew Slayer fans go hard. We can understand mosh pits, circle pits & walls of death, but ripping your shorts during their concert? Well, that's a new one.

If falling asleep during your favorite band's gig isn't a fail, waking up in fries and mayonnaise definitely is. And tripping over a sleeping person falls into that same category.

What is your epic festival fail? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!