Graspop turns 20: join the fun!


In less than a month, the gates to metal paradise will once again swing wide for what promises to be a legendary 20th anniversary edition of the heaviest music festival of the Low Countries and beyond: Graspop Metal Meeting!

What happens in the Metal Dome ...

THURSDAY – After endless jamming in the bedroom and a fierce final battle in Trix, POWERSTROKE, AGE OF TORMENT and WOLVES SCREAM were proclaimed the winners of the Red Bull Bedroom Jam. Theirs is the honour to kickstart the 20th edition of GMM. Afterwards you can let your hair down at the GMM 2015 OPENING PARTY, with nothing but essential rock & heavy metal tracks on the turntable and historical GMM footage on the screen. If you’re hungry for more then check out the explosive set hosted by DJ WILL, LA’s most heavy metal DJ.

FRIDAY – Friday night is BABYLON DOOM CULT night. This demonic DJ duo’s ‘Night of the Demon’ set will get even the tamest of metalheads to roam the mosh pit.

SATURDAY – Saturday night promises a glorious mix of live music and DJ sets. Cover band STORMRIDER is performing choice tracks from such metal giants as Slayer, Queensrÿche, Pantera, Metallica, Metal Church and many more.

SUNDAY – Still nursing that hangover? Stop nagging because it’s time for the FINAL COUNTDOWN PARTY. At midnight, evil DJs BABYLON DOOM CULT will whip all you GMM survivors into a frenzy. Two hours later it’s up to DJ WILL to set the Dome ablaze one last time.

Scream along in the Marquee

On Thursday the MARQUEE is the place to be for the MONSTERS OF METAL TRIBUTE PARTY. DioLegacy, Art of Pantera, Up the Irons and Present Danger pay homage to the heroes of heavy metal & hard rock. Scream along, hit those air drums and bang that head. The Red Cross is all stocked upon neck braces...

Hard Rock Heaven

If you’re into 70s – 90s hard rock then the CLASSIC ROCK CAFE will feel like hard rock heaven. On Friday we’ve got a real treat for you with THE LOUNGE KITTENS, three self-proclaimed rock sluts in disguise that put their own spin on hits by the likes of Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Alice Cooper and Survivor. On Saturday and Sunday several GMM bands will be performing a live acoustic set. Be there! Click here for detailed stage times.

Bump & Fly and the big wheel

The BUMP & FLY returns for our anniversary edition! Take a ride in the bumper cars or enjoy a bird’s eye view of GMM from the big wheel. Tip: recycle empty cups for a free ride or try your hand at the hook-a-duck.

Signing Sessions

At GMM, most bands are happy to sign CDs, shirts, body parts, etc. You’ll find the signing stand to the left of the main stages. Keep an eye on the scrolling displays to know which bands are signing next.

ducks of thrash

Hand in 20 empty cups and/or bottles at the recycling stand on the Metal Plaza (next to the bumper cars) and

reap your reward. Either you select a Graspop gadget right away or you can try your luck at the hook-a-duck stall and maybe win one of the bigger prizes. With just a little luck one of the following GMM EXPERIENCES may be dangling from your fishing pole:

- a FAST LANE SIGNING PASS that puts you at the head of the waiting line at the signing stand
- an exclusive BACKSTAGE TOUR including a visit to the main stages
- a SKYDECK PASS giving access to the front of house platform facing the main stages
- a ticket for a free bumper car ride or a spin on the big wheel