The final countdown to GMM 2015: part 1

It's getting closer and closer. In fourteen days we are officialy opening the doors of Graspop Metal Meeting 2015. Time to take a closer look at the bands performing at the festival!

Hell City

In just five years’ time Hell City has become a household name on the Belgian metal scene. This female-fronted band from Limburg combines the best of the heavy metal and hard rock genres. Hell City released their first full album in 2012 with ‘Demons to Rest’. While this was definitely worth a listen, their brand-new sophomore album shows they’ve made big strides since then. Unsurprising, perhaps, since ‘Victorious’ (2015) was produced by none other than Mikey Doling (Snot, Soulfly, Channel Zero). The release of their new album seemed like the perfect time to invite this exciting band to GMM. (Text: Robby Embrechts)

Thursday 18 June - Jupiler Stage - 16:00 to 16:40


The Belgian Groove metal band from the Meetjesland (Oakwood), POWERSTROKE, are playing a grooving mix of Thrash and old-school Hardcore. Their 3rd album “In For A Penny, In For A Pound” was released worldwide July 14th 2014. In May 2008 Powerstroke played their first gig at a local event. Now, the band has played more than 125 shows in a few years in Belgium and Europe. Sometimes as headliner, sometimes as support of Pro-pain, Death Angel, Agent Steel to name a few. Powerstroke is a hard working band that has built up a very solid live reputation because of their intensive shows and their heavy and groovin’ live sound.

Thursday 18 June - Metal Dome - 16:45 to 17:25

Your Highness

In recent years, Belgium has earned a reputation as a fertile breeding ground for talented sludge/stoner metal bands. Antwerp-based Your Highness is next in a long line of promising newcomers in the genre. Early 2015 the quintet switched into high gear with the release of ‘City in Ruins’. Their second full-length effort is a strong statement and the follow-up to their 2011 debut ‘Cults ‘n’ Cunts’. Your Highness came out on top in a recent Pukkelpop poll in a Belgian newspaper but it’s GMM that will experience the full force of the live cyclone known as Your Highness. (Text: Stef Maes)

Thursday 18 June - Jupiler Stage - 17:30 to 18:10

Age of torment

Age of Torment is a modern metal band, who's saw the daylight in early 2009, formed by Shaun Van Calster, on lead guitars & vocals. Around October 2009 AOT jumped into the studio with Phorgath (Enthroned) at Blackout Multimedia studio in Brussels, to record the first concept full-length, "Dying Breed Reborn". On this record several guests such as Miqe (In-Quest) & Ross (Length of Time, Angel Crew) added their flavour to the music. The band signed on ULTIMHATE RECORDS in early 2010, for the first release, available wordwide on may 21st 2010. The first effort has been received very warmly on own soil and all over Europe comparing the band to bands such as Channel Zero & Spoil Enigne. In 2013 the band jumped into the Noise Factory studio together with Nico Lomartire to record the second full length album “I, Against” released by Spinal records in BENELUX and Wormholedeath for the rest of Europe. After numerous shows and a whole lot of positive feedback in the press, A.O.T. keeps on touring to promote the latest album during 2013-2014. As we speak the band is working on new material to release a third album in 2015 with a new beater behind the drums Charles D. Prepare for negative mayhem like you’ve never heard before. A.O.T. angrier, darker and stronger than ever before.

Thursday 18 June - Metal Dome - 18:15 to 18:55

Oceans of sadness

In 2011 and in spite of a growing fan base, Dessel-based Oceans of Sadness decided fifteen years of metal was enough. Their bereft fan base sought comfort in classic releases such as ‘For We Are’ and ‘Laughing Tears, Smiling Cries’. Never say never though because almost five years later, vocalist Tijs Vanneste & Co thought it would be a great idea to celebrate 20 years of GMM in the only way that matters viz. on a GMM stage. A full-on reunion is not in the cards right now but we’ll take what we can get. Looks like GMM2015 is your last chance to catch this avant-garde metal outfit live so be there! (Text: Steven Verhoeven)

Thursday: 18 June - Jupiler Stage - 19:00 to 19:45

Wolves scream

Wolves Scream is a Belgian post-hardcore band founded in April 2010. They recorded their first self-produced EP whom gave them the opportunity to perform a lot of shows from their first effort. After more than 50 concerts throughout Belgium and some line-up changes, the band manages to stand out with explosive shows and more determinate to compose new songs. In early 2014, the release of HURRICANE defines the new basics for Wolves Scream, a more melodious and edgier sound to vibrate your guts. In the meantime they recorded their first music video for the track Hurricane. Their hardwork gave them the opportunity the share the stage with great bands such as The Color Morale, Vanna, Our Last Night, Being as an Ocean, Caliban, A Wilhelm Scream, MxPx, and many more. Make the earth shake with abrasive tunes, hit the road, make friends, give their heart out on stage with such dynamic shows and share their passion with you, THIS is Wolves Scream.

Thursday 18 June - Metal Dome - 19:50 to 20:30


We’ve installed a few extra lightning rods this year because Bliksem will be looking to whip up a storm on the Jupiler Stage. Formed in 2009, Bliksem have outgrown the local youth club and pub circuit. With a hard-earned and solid live reputation they are now a household name on the Belgian metal scene. After all, not everyone gets to open for the likes of Channel Zero and Angel Witch, right? Their performance at GMM2013 confirmed the rave reviews garnered by ‘Face the Evil’, their full-length debut of the same year. They say lightning never strikes twice but Bliksem will gladly make an exception for GMM this year. (Text: Niels Desmedt)

Thursday 18 June - Jupiler Stage - 20:35 to 21:35

King Hiss

King Hiss is yet another fine young Belgian metal band that we can be proud of. In fact, a quick glance at the members’ resumes will tell you why King Hiss is an excellent stoner band. They themselves describe their music as ‘the bastard child of Mastodon meets Kyuss'. These guys have forged a solid live reputation in no time flat and GMM regulars may have caught their blistering set at GMM2013. With a natural taste for the stage, their mix of rock, metal and sludge creates a head-nodding – hell, a headbanging factor that’s off the chart. The release of their first full-length offering ‘Sadlands’ confirms these guys are on the fast track to success. Next stop: GMM2015. (Text: Nick Tronckoe)

Friday 19 June - Metal Dome - 11:15 to 11:55

The dead daisies

Influenced by 70’s and early 80’s hard rock, The Dead Daisies sound is soulful and accessible - equal parts of The Faces, Bad Company and Foreigner: muscular vocals, bluesy riffs, big choruses, powerful melodies and strong hooks. With stellar musicianship and pulverizing live shows, fans across the globe are discovering the band that is bringing back Rock & Roll!!

Friday 19 June - Mainstage 2 - 11:30 to 12:10

Der weg einer freiheit

Back in the day, Germany was sometimes associated with substandard and clichéd black metal. A lot has changed since then and the Bavarian outfit Der Weg Einer Freiheit is one of the leading exponents of Germany’s black metal scene today. Der Weg Einer Freiheit delivers intelligent and varied black metal, exciting as hell and as dangerous as a pack of rabid dogs. Epic melodies, intricate guitar harmonies, guttural screams, blast beats and a melancholic atmosphere… Der Weg einer Freiheit constructs a hybrid universe consisting of the best of the second wave of black metal on the one hand and more modern/melodic influences on the other. (Text: Morbid Geert)

Friday 19 June - Marquee - 12:00 to 12:40


Swedish band H.E.A.T is one of the leading bands of the melodic hard rock scene. Formed in 2007, they released their self-titled debut the following year.Fans and critics welcomed the maiden release and this resulted in a number of support act slots as well as a first appearance at the Sweden Rock Festival. Shortly after the release of their second album ‘Freedom Rock’ (2010) singer Kenny Leckremo left the band to be replaced with Erik Grönwall, the 2009 winner of the Swedish version of the Idol song contest. Grönwall’s first release as lead singer was ‘Address the Nation’ (2012), which included the hit single ‘Living on the Run’. Since then H.E.A.T has managed to build a sizeable and loyal following worldwide. Their latest album, ‘Tearing down the Walls’ (2014), is the logical and promising next chapter in their career. (Text: Wim Vander Haegen)

Friday 19 June - Mainstage 1 - 12:20 to 13:00