20 years of GMM memories

20 years of Graspop Metal Meeting equals 20 years filled with memories. We’ve collected some of the best stories of the past 20 years, check it out!

Our DJ team always has the best stories and this one is funny as hell. Back in 2012 we welcomed punk band Pennywise to Marquee 2 on Saturday. After the show, the band was apparently still in the mood for a party and climbed up on the stage of the Metal Dome during the GMM afterparty to dance with the burlesque dancers. Saturday night fever!

Losing things at Graspop Metal Meeting doesn’t mean saying goodbye to it forever. One of our Facebook fans told us that she lost her shoe in a circle pit during Parkway Drive in 2011 and went back looking for it. She found her soles in the middle of the tent, right in the spotlight, and her shoe at the lost and found. That’s Graspop Metal Meeting for you!

It’s no secret that our visitors can be a little excentric and that’s the least you can say in this case. Another one of our Facebook fans told us he met a Norwegian guy on the campsite. Nothing special, except this guy was pretending to be a train. When he got bored with the train, he decided to switch over to a plane. Needless to say the plane landing was hilarious.

Your first edition of Graspop Metal Meeting will always be memorable, but make sure you’re not facing the stage with your back. That’s exactly what one of our visitors did during the soundcheck of UFO in 2009, suddenly the drummer tested his kick drum, which startled him and made him spill his drink all over his pants.

When you work backstage, you’re bound to meet some artists. One of our crew members manages to make a fool out of herself every single time she encounters an artist. Last year she was working quietly on her computer when suddenly she released someone was looking over her shoulder. Startled she looked over only to discover Alex Agnew was the peeping tom. His reaction made the situation even more hilarious: “I didn’t realize I’m so ugly”.

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